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We, “AvA Enterprise” belong to AiwanSe Industry Co., Ltd. – China, Which is located in Dongguan city of Guangdong Province in China. AiwanSe Industrial Co., Ltd. Is Manufacturer and Exporter of widest range of Acrylic, Crystal & Glass products for interior & exterior decorations and for Industrial uses. AvA Enterprise – India is sister concern company of china based AiwanSe Industrial Co., Ltd., All of our products are made by high quality and handpicked materials for beautiful appearance and tough durability. At AvA Enterprise you can find Unique Designs and Uncompromised Quality products made of Acrylic, Crystal or Glass, Such as: Handrails, Balustrades, Lighting Pillars, Decorative balls, Door Handles, Arm Rest, Curtain Finials, Decorative LED Lights, Garden Lights and many more…

"AvA Enterprise” wishes to show you an unseen possibilities of Acrylic Products.


Our Family Our STRENGHT...

Yes we are Family…

"AvA Enterprise" is one BIG family; we believe our peoples are our backbone and the main power source to keep company moving forward smoothly and constantly. Therefore we respect and take care of each other, treat one another as indispensable family members. Who are totally willing to double fulfill the respective responsibility, in this way, a family-like culture can be maintained & developed constantly which help us make ourselves more trustworthy in front of our valuable clients.

Culture at "AvA Enterprise"

Development (People First)

At AvA Enterprise, we attach great importance to development especially workers. There is an essential belief in our company that the people we work with are the most valuable resource. They are the ones who truly take care of our clients and who set us close to success gradually. Therefore, we want to get the most out of our members, but more importantly we want them to get the most out of "AvA Enterprise". No matter whether they are seasoned veterans or entry-level rookies, we are encouraging and assisting their all-pervasive growth and development, such as: knowledge, skill, entertainment and feeling. No matter whether they stay with us for years or move on to a different career, our goal is to help our people achieve work-life balance in our company. Our management is selfless supporters of our family members and takes great pride in leading by example to have people following them not working for them and pride in workers’ promoting from within.

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